Which Foods Have the Most Biotin? Vegetarians and Vegans Beware.

Posted by on 11th Jan 2016

Which Foods Have the Most Biotin? Vegetarians and Vegans Beware.

Written by Dr Larry Shapiro of

Posted by Dr Larry Shapiro developed Help Hair products to nutritionally restore thin, fine, shedding hair.

Which foods contain the most biotin? You will be surprised. Prior labeling of biotin amounts have been incorrect.

According to a NCBI study many published values may not be correct.

NCBI studies allow us to expand our research with nutritional based evidence. One study that was published illustrates how inaccurate many of the prior studies and values were inaccurate.

"Our results confirm previous conclusions that meat, fish, poultry, egg, dairy, and some vegetables are rich dietary sources of biotin. Biotin values determined here, however, frequently did not agree with published values (Table 2). Differences in assay values ranged from 247 times greater to 0.85 times less than previously published biotin values for select foods. Of the 51 foods for which values had been published, only seven (14%) agreed within an analytical error of 20%."

Notably meat, fish, poultry and egg have the most per serving and whole eggs cooked. But remember we do not suggest eating egg whites unless in moderation and supplemented by biotin since they bind with the avidin making it unavailable for absorbtion.

And for vegeterians there are not many good souces for biotin so you need a supplement to give your body the needed vitamins lacking in vegan and vegeterian diets.

  • Meat, fish, poultry, egg
  • Beef liver, cooked
  • Chicken liver, cooked
  • Egg, whole, cooked

This is an extremely interesting study when you review the various foods especially when chicken liver has the highest amount per serving. But I guess my mothers chopped chicken liver helped me have a nice full of head of hair considering both sides of my family, father and uncles are bald.

But we are not suggesting that eating a huge amount of meat is going to give you all the biotin needed since proper dosing is as important as just taking huge amounts of biotin in a capsule because too much biotin can be detrimental to hair growth.

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