How does the Protocel formulation help restore my Health?

Protocel works with the bodies electrical or voltageladder to remove unhealthy cells. It does this by reducing the voltage of all cells in the body by between 15-20%. For illustration purposes, let say a healthy cell has 100% voltage, where an unhealthy cell only operates on 25% voltage of a healthy cell. By reducing the voltage the healthy cells have plenty of voltage left to perform their tasks. Where lowering an unhealthy cell by that much means it can no longer stay cohesive and breaks up and is taken out the body as a waste product. In addition Protocel is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps neutralize many of the thousands of free radicals that attack our cells daily.

How do other foods and nutrients effect Protocel?

What nutrients interfere with Protocel?

Because large amounts of certain nutrients can interfere with Protocel’s effectiveness, many people advise against taking supplements that contain those nutrients. This is true, supplemental forms of certain nutrients will interfere. However nutrients from food sources are metabolized differently in the body and do not present an interference as long as moderation and variety in your diet are maintained. For example you wouldn't eat 2 cups of strawberries every day , or broccoli at 3 meals.  Remember variety and moderation are key. List of foods to limit when taking Protocel.

What should you eat?

Although we advocate eating primarily a vegetarian diet to optimize health, this is not true when taking Protocel. The consumption of too many healthy foods can interfere with Protocel's goal of lowering the energy potential of our cells. Eating to many foods daily with high nutrient content may cause this interference. It is best to eat a wide variety of foods including vegetables, low sugar fruits, no more than 3 servings of grains per day, nuts and seeds and healthy selections of meat. Healthy selections would include wild caught cold water fish, organic free range turkey and chicken. We do not advise eating red meat more than once a week. When consuming red meat limit to lean selection such as sirloin. Mashed potatoes and french fries don't count as healthy vegetables.

A quote from Tonya Harter Pierce in her book How to Outsmart Your Cancer,  page 183 states

"Foods high in Vitamin C such as citrus fruits, broccoli, and strawberries, are fine in reasonable amounts when eaten in their whole form. Generally. those people who keep their intake of nutritional supplements to a bare minimum while using Protocel can eat what ever healthy whole foods they want and not worry about overdoing the Vitamin C, E or selenium. Just don't do anything to the extreme."

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Protein Intake

Protein and calorie intake are very important.    To learn more about how to achieve your protein needs read this document.

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Strategies for Using Protocel


Nutritional Strategies for Using Protocel

Do not take any supplements that contain the vitamins or nutrients listed below. This does not apply to nutrients when consumed as they naturally occur in foods in most cases. However moderation and variety in the diet is recommended so as to not over consume any one nutrient.  
Limit Consumption of These Foods Due to Their High Nutrient Content of Vitamin C, E and Selenium

Vitamin C in supplement form beyond the recommended minimum daily requirement of 60 mgs (is believed to be a major reason why Protocel® may fail to work.)  Foods that are very high in Vitamin C ( red bell pepper, broccoli, brussel sprouts, strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe) can be eaten but should be limited so as to not over consume Vitamin C. Vitamin E, (Sunflower seeds and wheat germ are high in vitamin E) Selenium, (do not eat Brazil nuts, they are extremely high in selenium)

Nutrients to Limit

Any of these in supplement form may interfere with Protocel depending on the amount of the nutrient in the supplement.  Because of this we do not recommend using supplements with Protocel unless you discuss them with us.


    Vitamin C (taking vitamin C as a supplement is the number one reason that Protocel fails to work)
    Vitamin E
    Selenium  (do not eat brazil nuts they are extremely high in selenium)
    CoEnzyme Q10
    Alpha lipoic acid
    Fish oil  (more than 1000 mg's per day)
    Iodine  (limit eating sea vegetables such as kelp and dulce )

Cesium Chloride and Potassium may cause a problem, but more study is needed before these are definite substances to avoid.

If you are currently taking supplements that contain any of the above, you must decide if you are willing to stop taking them in order to use Protocel most effectively. Naturally occurring quantities in food has not caused any problems as long as a diet of moderation is followed.

Strategies to Avoid

    Burdock Root
    Rife Treatment
    Essiac and Flor-Essence (which is similar to Essiac with a couple of extra ingredients)
    Ozone treatments ( oxygen treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen are beneficial to the functioning of Protocel)
    Flax seed oil mixed with cottage cheese (it is starting to appear that flax seed oil may be compatible, but it remains on this list as a precaution)
    IP6 (in theory there may be a problem, but case histories are needed)
    Silver (colloidal) - the heavy metal quality of silver could cause a reaction with Protocel.
    714-x some cases indicate that 714-x may interfere with Protocel
    Ozone therapy is very counter to Protocel
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Pau d'arco with Germanium-132 (taking either separately with Protocel is OK)
    Grapefruit seed extract (due to its high vitamin C content)

Always consult with your doctor before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. Never quit taking prescription medications unless advised to do so by your doctor.

How important is it that I follow the dosing directions when taking Protocel?

To achieve the maximum opportunity for restoration, it is vitally important that you take these formulations as recommended by the manufacturer.

Protocel 23 instructions shake bottle vigorously before every dose.

Take 5 times per day, 1/4 tsp, 1/4 tsp, 1/4 tsp 1/4 tsp and 1/2 tsp.  It is recommended that you try to set a routine so that you are taking it at the same time everyday.  Try to space the times evenly, for example; 1/4 tsp at 7:00am, 1/4 tsp at 11:30am, 1/4 tsp at 4:00pm, 1/4 tsp at 8:30pm and 1/2tsp at 2:00am, however do not let the more than 6 hours pass between doses.

Protocel 50 instructions shake bottle vigorously before every dose.

Take 4 times per day, 1/4 tsp, 1/4 tsp, 1/4 tsp 1/4 tsp.  It is recommended that you try to set a routine so that you are taking it at the same time everyday.  Try to space the times evenly, for example; 1/4 tsp at 6:00am, 1/4 tsp at 12:00 noon, 1/4 tsp at 6:00pm, 1/4 tsp at 12am, however do not let the more than 6 hours pass between doses.

Can I mix my doses ahead of time?

Yes, you can mix your dose ahead of time in distilled water. If the dosing is going to be taken right away in the following juices: Grape or Apple are the commonly used. However, for longer periods of time, distilled water must be used. DO NOT USE DISTILLED WATER AS REGULAR DRINKING WATER. Also if you are mixing more than one dose at a time, you need to remember to SHAKE your container very well prior to pouring out a dose. Be sure to divide the mixture as evenly as possible between the numbers of doses contained therein. It is absolutely necessary that the entire mixture be consumed by the last dose.

What side effects can I expect when taking Protocel?

The answer to this question is “NONE”. There are absolutely no negative side effects or harm caused to the body from taking Protocel. What you will experience is called “lysing”. Visit www.protocel.homestead.com for additional information.

How important is it that I drink water while taking Protocel?

It is extremely important that you drink a sufficient amount of water while taking Protocel. Here is a good formula to know how much water to drink. Take your weight and divide it in half and that is how much water you should drink in ounces. Water is very cleansing to the body and does not have to be processed by the liver. The body takes the water in, and the liver sends it out. With this process, toxins in the body go with it.

Are there any dietary requirements while taking Protocel?

There are a few recommendations which will assist your body take full advantage of Protocel. A vegan diet is not recommended while taking Protocel. It is recommended that you eat a normal yet healthy diet while taking Protocel.   It is our opinion that your diet should be balanced including all food groups, consisting of vegetables, low sugar fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, cold water wild caught fish and organic lean meats .  It is important to understand how many calories and how much protein you need daily, our Nutritionist can assist you with this information. However, this choice should be made from a position of knowledge and drastically changing your diet while being sick is not always a good idea. Additionally, at this point in time, your body needs a lot of energy which should come from living food sources. Therefore, eating an excess of processed food (including frozen, deli, boxed) fast food, as well as items considered junk food and sweets, will not benefit your body or your restoring process.

Moderate changes in your diet would include purchasing all meat that you eat from a local butcher or from a source where the animals have been free-ranged. It is important to get away from all meats that are from hormone and antibiotic injected animals. Purchase your eggs from a local farmer where the chickens have also been free ranged and not force fed chemicals for mass production purposes. Stop eating all prepackaged food sources such as frozen dinners, boxed macaroni and cheese, etc. These are full of unwanted chemicals that your body does not know how to process. Also many of these prepackaged food sources are extremely high in salt content. Make these type dinners from scratch. Become more label conscious. The first 4 to 5 ingredients on the label are the highest concentration of ingredients in that product. If you cannot pronounce it you probably should not be eating it. You do not necessarily have to go “organic”. Again, this would be a personal choice.

If you choose to drastically change your diet, such as going from a meat eater to a vegetarian, please schedule an appointment with our nutritionist, to make sure that you are getting the maximum benefit from the foods you are consuming and your new life style regimen.

Juicing can also be done while taking Protocel, however not more than once a day. Again, this should be done with research making sure that you are not overloading your body with too much sugar or energy nutrients. Certain vegetables, when juiced, can become toxic to the body in large quantities.